Indian officers try to rescue 100 monkeys marooned on island for two months

A troop of around 100 langur monkeys in central India has been ‘stranded’ on a hill in a flooded reservoir for the last two months.

An operation has been launched on November 20 to evacuate the simians, who are marooned in Dudhwa reservoir in north Bastar district of Kanker, Chhattisgarh.

The monsoon in the area turned the normally dry and land-locked hill into an island, leaving the troop of monkeys trapped for the last two months.

The rescue effort includes construction of a 300 meter-long bamboo bridge to connect the lush green hill, that covers around 15 hectares, to the bank of the reservoir to allow the monkeys to escape their island prison.

According to reports, food was carried in boats to the ‘island’ every morning and evening.