Indian shop sells luxurious 24-carat gold sweet during Raksha Bandhan celebrations

A sweet shop located in the city of Agra, India's Uttar Pradesh, has come up with an original way to make the Raksha Bandhan annual Hindu celebrations even more special. The shop has created a golden Ghevar. This disc-shaped sweet, made from ghee, flour, and sugar syrup, has been covered with 24 carats of edible gold. This luxurious delicacy is priced at 25,000 Indian Rupee per Kg, which corresponds to 258 pounds. The shop is now witnessing a wave of curious people from all corners of India who want to see and taste the goldern Ghevar. Ghevar is traditionally eaten in Rajasthan, Haryana, and Madhya Pradesh during the Teej and Raksha Bandhan festivals. This shop has made it by using the following ingredients: dry fruits like Pishori Pista, Mamra badam, Chilgoza, Kesar, Malai, which is a mix of milk and vanilla ice cream. The process involves mixing milk, maida, and ghee which is then puffed with ice. Then four layers of dry fruits are added to five layers of this paste. Finally, a layer of sugar syrup, ice cream, and gold is also added. The video was filmed on August 11 at the shop Brij Rasayanam Misthan Bhandar, located at Nehru Nagar and Fatehabad Road in UP.