Indonesian residents sew together protective clothing for health workers combating COVID-19 pandemic

Residents in Padang, Indonesia, are making personal protective clothing for nurses and doctors to use when treating COVID-19 patients in a number of local hospitals.

This clothing has been tested to be able to protect themselves from infectious diseases such as coronavirus.

The Health Service was forced to order personal protective clothing to government residents in Padang City currently lacking personal protective clothing when treating coronavirus patients.

"This clothing is made using spunbond fabric or commonly used for goody bags, which will only be used once for health workers," said Arlin on March 26.

Arlin admitted, for now, the raw material in the form of spunbond fabric is quite difficult to find on the market, even if there is a limited amount.

"The material we get varies colours, it is due to the limited raw materials, but according to the health, the clothes made are standard, because the materials and all size patterns are designed by the health party," he said.

Currently, almost all hospitals in Indonesia lack personal protective clothing to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.