'Inexperienced' Man Has Close Call With 'Raging Bull' Gun at Budapest Shooting Range

A man who described himself as “inexperienced” with firearms had a very close call with an infamously powerful .454-caliber gun at a shooting range in Budapest, Hungary.

Martin Laudy told Storyful he was in Hungary for the winter holidays in 2020 when he visited a shooting range after his brother bought him a session as a birthday gift.

He shot several weapons, and after gaining more confidence with guns, he decided to try a more powerful pistol.

“I had the opportunity to shoot a .454-caliber Casull Raging Bull,” said Laudy. “The instructor notified me that the gun was powerful. When I squeezed the trigger, the weapon’s recoil and the pistol’s poor grip caused the weapon to turn on me.”

Laudy accidentally let out two shots, he said. The second shot hit the ceiling, nearly missing his face. He was unaware of how close the second bullet was to hitting him until he saw the video his brother filmed after the pair left the shooting range, he said.

He later uploaded the video to TikTok to warn people about gun safety and to demonstrate how fast things can go wrong. “Guns are dangerous,” he wrote. “Don’t use them if you’re inexperienced like me.” Credit: Martin Laudy via Storyful

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