Infiniti’s Recent Success Story Illustrates How Inventory Management Solution Helped a Retail Firm to Increase Sales by 33%

A well-known market intelligence company, Infiniti Research, has partnered with several global companies across industries to help meet their strategic objectives and implement seamless route-to-market strategies through turnkey solutions. Their latest success story outlines the key business challenges faced by a retail firm and explains how the client leveraged inventory management solution to combat these roadblocks. Request a complimentary proposal to learn more about Infiniti’s inventory management solution.

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"Today, retail companies are under the pressure to effectively manage their stock, maintain an adequate level of inventory for the right products at each retail location, and minimize conditions of overstocks and stock-outs," says a market research expert at Infiniti Research.

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Business Challenges Faced:

The client is a retail firm based out of Central Europe. With the ongoing market changes, the company faced challenges in keeping the right amount of stock in- hand and planning for seasonal changes. In an attempt to meet the seasonal demand, the client purchased products in bulk. However, this resulted in product overstock, thereby increasing inventory holding cost for the company. Consequently, the company witnessed a huge dip in their profit margins. The client, therefore, approached the experts at Infiniti Research to leverage their expertise in offering retail inventory management solution.

The Solution Offered:

To cater to the requirements of the client, the experts at Infiniti Research conducted a market intelligence study. This phase of the retail inventory management solution helped the client to gain detailed insights into the market landscape and forecast demand-supply shifts.

The experts also conducted a demand management study to help the client deal with issues relating to analyzing and estimating customers’ demands. The inventory forecasting engagement conducted as a part of the retail inventory management solution helped the client to accurately forecast the product demand by taking into consideration the historical sales data of the company.

The last phase of the retail inventory planning involved conducting a competitive intelligence study. This phase of the retail inventory management solution helped the client to analyze their competitors’ supply chain management processes. Also, the client was able to understand the initiatives undertaken by their competitors to manage supply chain challenges. Furthermore, by analyzing the past sales data of the client’s key competitors, the experts helped the client to identify best-selling products in the European retail market.

Infiniti’s inventory management solution helped the retail firm to:

  • Accurately plan their inventory activities
  • Develop a retail inventory management framework to enhance inventory tracking
  • Speed-up the packing and shipping process
  • Plan for seasonal and unexpected market changes
  • Enhance their sales rate by 33% and CX by 2X

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