Here for influencer-branded mac and cheese

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Natasha and Mary Ann and Alex were all aboard this week under the guidance of Chris and Grace, meaning that we were running full-strength for our roundup of this super busy week.

Before we hop into the topics, you can follow the show on Twitter -- all the cool kids do! -- and keep in mind that on Mondays Equity provides a short kickoff to the week, we chat a single topic on Wednesdays and Fridays are when we go through the full week. Make sense? Hell yeah:

  • Fiveable landed a $10 million Series A to become the digital hallways of the educational internet. It's their words, not ours, and Mary Ann had some fair questions on how they'll differentiate from other competitors.

  • Cobalt raised $2.8 million to help creators build and sell more stuff. As part of our continuing focus on creators more broadly, we had a few questions!

  • Found came out of stealth with $32 million in total funding from GV, Atomic and Define Ventures. The startup is focused on "weight care management" and it's notable that the co-founder of Atomic, which incubated this company, also co-founded hims and hers -- which also has a telehealth component. Found's new CEO is the former COO of Bumble, who drafted its S-1 while getting chemo treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.

  • From there we dug into trends! First up was the trend of startups going full-stack, which we kicked off with a look at AngelList's new Stack -- har har -- product. The suite screams Carta and Stripe, but then again, doesn't everything compete with each other these days?

  • Next up was consolidation, which echoed our first conversation. Discussing a recent deal in the RPA space, the Equity team made predictions about which sectors in the startup world are the most likely to see consolidation in the coming quarters.

  • And we closed with climate tech, a startup niche that could bring a small sliver of hope to our heating planet.

All this, and we still managed to sneak a Froyo metaphor into the running for best Official Equity comment of all time.

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