Influencer on the 'incredible impact' of physical reminders on mental health

Canadian influencer Christine Laraine revealed what words are
Canadian influencer Christine Laraine revealed what words are "powerful" to her in a new Instagram post. (Photo via Instagram/christinelarainee) (Instagram/christinelarainee)

Christine Laraine is sharing her mental health strategies.

This week, the Vancouver-based influencer opened up about the importance of "physical reminders" with her 43,000 followers.

In the candid Instagram post, the 28-year-old shared a set of photos that showed off her "new bracelets," which spelled the words "patience" and "strength" with beads.

In the caption, the body image advocate explained that during a bad night, she used her bracelets and tattoo for support.

"The other evening when I was crying in bed worrying about money, I happened to look down and catch sight of two things," she penned. "One was my recent tattoo saying 'one life' and the other was my two new bracelets I bought from Little Words Project."

The content creator revealed what words are "powerful" to her and why.

"'One Life' represents being good enough, and not perfect. So many of my daily worries feel silly when I stop to consider the bigger picture," she said. "'Patience' represents being at peace with the slow growth of my page, my entrepreneur skills, my business, my mental health, and meditation," [and] 'strength' represents the ever-growing resilience within me. When I reflect on everything that has tried to break me, I feel powerful."

At the end of her post, Laraine wrote about how physical reminders like tattoos and "positive words" can do wonders for mental health and confidence.

"Physical reminders can have an incredible impact on runaway thoughts. Although tattoos may be a bit on the permanent side, surrounding yourself with positive words and manifestation is amazing for your self-confidence...," she explained.

In the comments, fans thanked the social media star for her "important message."

"Well said!" commented a follower alongside a red heart emoji.

"Beautiful words!" shared someone else.

"Really important message and I love the idea of physical reminders," added another.

Late last month, the self love advocate called out the "What I Eat In A Day" TikTok trend on Instagram.

In the post, she explained that the social media trend is "dangerous" because it promotes "toxic" diet culture.

"I have seen many influencers share their diets. It ends up being some combination of a smoothie, small snacks, and a very large salad," she penned. "The perception of this lifestyle can be turbulent to those who struggle with eating disorders, are in remission, or feel great shame for always being hungry."

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