Instagram influencer Tiffany Mitchell responds to accusations she staged motorcycle crash photos

Margaret Abrams
Guilherme Veloso/Unsplash

Nashville-based influencer Tiffany Mitchell, who has more than 200,000 followers, has defended herself after posting a series of since-deleted pictures that appeared to show her being involved in a motorcycle accident.

After posting the images, Mitchell was accused by many on Twitter of staging the crash for likes.

Some even thought she had done it to promote Smartwater, which was featured in one of the pictures.

Mitchell has previously posed for sponsored content atop her bike but for Bai, not Smartwater. She also frequently posts sponsored content for Stella Artois.

But Mitchell has taken to Instagram to respond to the accusations. “I’ve been accused of staging the accident to get attention, using it as a product placement opportunity with a water company, and other things I can’t even wrap my head around" she wrote, "I’ve been sharing real life stories here since I started my account. I’ve opened up about miscarriage, divorce, anxiety, losing my partner in a moto accident 3 years ago, and navigating the grief that followed.”

She went on to add, “When I found out my professional photographer friend who I’d been shooting with earlier took photos of everything, I was completely moved. I shared this on my feed with humans who have been on a journey with me for years because I knew they would understand what it meant to me and I understood what it would mean to them.”

She also posted Instagram videos showing her scratches and where the helmet hit, as well as more photos from the accident.