The Ingredient That Makes Texas Roadhouse's Steak Sauce So Good

Brisket with steak sauce
Brisket with steak sauce - 7713 Photography/Shutterstock

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When it comes to toppings like steak sauce, most people are usually on one of two teams: those who despise this smoky addition and those who practically can't eat meat without it. Despite its controversies, there are still plenty of people who are big-time fans of pouring steak sauce on anything from thick, juicy cheeseburgers to classic ribeye steaks. These supporters of steak sauce usually have a preference on brand too, with popular names like A1 usually leading the pack. Still, there is one restaurant in particular whose smoky topping just about everyone seems to love. We're talking about Texas Roadhouse's iconic steak sauce.

There are plenty of popular steak sauce brands to choose from, but there's one ingredient that makes Texas Roadhouse's steak sauce taste especially good, and that addition is a little something called raisin paste. Yup -- you read that right. If you've never heard of this ingredient before, it's pretty self-explanatory. This addition is simply raisins that have been ground into a honeyed paste. This process makes for an especially thick and sweet ingredient that perfectly rounds out this beloved steak sauce, making it the perfect topping for any of Texas Roadhouse's most popular dishes and beyond.

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What Else Makes Up This Popular Savory Topping

Texas Roadhouse steak sauce
Texas Roadhouse steak sauce - H-E-B

While raisin paste is one truly unique element of Texas Roadhouse's steak sauce, tamarind extract is another unlikely addition in this sauce that gives it a slightly tangy, sour edge. Otherwise, some classic steak sauce ingredients make up the rest of this condiment. Water, salt, distilled vinegar, tomato paste, and corn syrup are those other main players in this topping. All these ingredients, combined with raisin paste, make for a wholesome bottle of sauce full of compelling tangy, umami flavors.

If you'd like to try this sauce for yourself and there's not a Texas Roadhouse location near you, 12-ounce bottles of this rich indulgence are also available online on platforms like Amazon, Walmart, and Piggly Wiggly, to name a few. But for all those who are still skeptical of this particular condiment, or even steak sauce in general, listen to what fans of this smoky addition have to say about its flavor.

What Fans Have To Say About The Texas Roadhouse Steak Sauce

Texas Roadhouse sign
Texas Roadhouse sign - Chapin31/Getty Images

Because of its secret ingredients like raisin paste and tamarind extract, Texas Roadhouse's steak sauce stands out among others, and customers everyone have taken notice. For example, some steak sauce lovers who bought a bottle of this sauce in-store were especially impressed with the quality of this sauce compared to other big brands. "Love eating at Texas Roadhouse and this steak sauce is why. Amazing flavor, so much better than A1 in my opinion and I was always an A1 guy," one customer said. Other patrons loved the balanced flavor of this topping, with many praising the subtle tanginess, sweetness and char grill flavors of this sauce. "This steak sauce is the best on the market. It is a bit sweet, a bit smoky, not overpowering the meat. Only steak sauce we buy," one reviewer said.

Other customers encouraged steak sauce purveyors to try this sauce with Texas Roadhouse's special seasoned steaks. Still, whatever you want to put your steak sauce on is up to you, from juicy, smoked meats to an elevated egg salad. Just don't be afraid to stray from the usual big brands and give Texas Roadhouse's take on this topping a try before you knock it.

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