Injured Florida Deputy Achieves Goal of Walking Daughter Down the Aisle

A sheriff’s deputy achieved his goal of walking his daughter down the aisle on Saturday, March 18, one year after a freak accident left him temporarily paralyzed, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

Master Deputy Harold ‘Hal’ Davis, a father of two, was seriously injured in 2022 when he was hit by a tree limb while doing yard work, according to a GoFundMe account set up by his wife, Cynthia.

The 53-year-old suffered spinal damage that left him completely paralyzed for two weeks, before he slowly regained movement in his toes. Following a year of intense physical therapy, Davis has regained some movement and is able to walk with assistance.

Davis’ colleagues at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office shared this video showing him achieving his goal of walking his daughter, Hannah, down the aisle. “We are so happy for Hal and his entire family,” the sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. Credit: Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida via Storyful