Inkas Sentry Civilian arrives to protect buyers on their daily commute (Chris Bruce)
Inkas Sentry Civilian

This heavily armoured SUV can shrug off a hand grenade's blast.

The Inkas Sentry is a Ford F-550-based SUV for people who need serious protection. For 2020, the company introduces the Sentry Civilian as the first version of the machine available to the wider public.

Power comes from a 6.7-litre turbodiesel V8 with 330 bhp and runs through a 10-speed automatic with four-wheel drive. While the bones from a F-550, Inkas upgrades it with a more capable suspension, heavy-duty breaks, and reinforced mechanical components.

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The Sentry Civilian has BR6-level armour. This means that it can take firepower up to 7.62X51 mm lead round from an assault rifle. In addition, the SUV can protect occupants from a blast the equivalent of two German DM51 hand grenades. There's also an air purifier system to give occupants even more security.

The exterior of the Sentry Civilian looks like something that would be rolling through a warzone. It has a boxy overall aesthetic, and chiselled angles put an edge on anywhere the body could have a curve. Powered doors making opening the heavy, armoured panels an easier job.

Inkas pitches the Sentry Civilian at wealthy people who are afraid of attacks. Because of this, the interior is quite luxurious, and there's room for six people – two in front and four in the rear section. Customers can select whether there's an Apple, Amazon, or Google voice assistant. Each occupant gets a captain's chair with heating, cooling, and massage function. A partition between the front seats and passenger area doubles as a huge entertainment screen. Buyers can also load the vehicle with options like night vision systems, chemical protection, and 360-degree surveillance cameras.