Innocent: ITV viewers ‘hooked’ on new thriller as they speculate on killer’s identity


The psychological drama Innocent returned to ITV last night – and viewers already have their eyes on the potential suspects.

In the new, self-contained season of the show which first aired in 2018 and was led by Lee Ingleby, Katherine Kelly stars as the latest protagonist who is released from prison when their conviction for murder is overturned. Sally was a schoolteacher accused of killing a student, Matty Taylor, who she was said to be having an affair with. Now, after five years, new evidence exonerates her and she walks free.

“Watched the first episode of #Innocent on @ITV – it’s so good!” posted one fan on Twitter. “Brooding, already twisty, brilliant performances and beautifully shot. Safe to say I’m going to be hooked all week. Bravo.”

After episode one, viewers were left scratching their heads over who was to blame for the murder.

“Oooh 10 minutes in and there’s already about 3 people who I reckon did it?!” tweeted one.

Some viewers speculated that the new fiancée (Priyanga Burford) of Sally’s ex-husband (Jamie Bamber) could have colluded with her daughter (Amy-Leigh Hickman) to frame Sally for the killing.

“I’m calling it... the soon to be new wife,” posted one person. Another said: “I’m suspicious of Beth and Sally’s ex’s new fiancée.”

Matty’s parents John (Andrew Tiernan) and Maria (Lucy Black) also became suspects after they were seen reassuring each other they would “tell the police nothing”.


Sharing a picture of Matty’s father, one viewer wrote: “The look of someone waiting to get their comeuppance.”

Another character under suspicion was Anna Stamp (Ellie Rawnsley), a young woman once taught by Sally who had falsely implicated her in the murder.

“Anna is a bare faced liar,” said one Twitter user. “It’s gotta be Anna who killed him,” added a second, while a third wrote: “Anna did it I’m telling you.”

Innocent continues every night at 9pm until Thursday 20 May. Read our interview with the lead star Kelly here.

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