Innocent man who was stabbed in the heart remains unconscious a year later - as his attacker is set to be jailed today (8/2/21)

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An innocent young football steward stabbed in the heart by a drill rapper who mistook him for a gang rival is still unconscious in hospital a year later - as his attacker is set to be jailed today (8).

Ahmad Torfi, a 'quiet and shy' 21-year-old, was collecting a takeaway with his twin and girlfriend when Joshua Erorh, 18, stabbed him twice in the chest.

Erorh mistakenly believed Ahmad was a member of a rival gang - and even posted a music video boasting about the attack, referencing Ahmad's food order.

Today (8) Erorh is due to be sentenced and Ahmad's sister Forough Torfi, 23, has spoken out to say how "death would almost be a mercy".

Ahmad, who worked as a steward at events including football matches and concerts, survived after paramedics performed open heart surgery on the roadside, watched by his devoted twin brother.

But he suffered severe brain damage, and nearly a year on has never regained consciousness and remains in hospital where his family said doctors believe he will eventually die.

His sister has bravely revealed photos of him now, in a bid to show the true damage of knife crime.

Her proud family are crowdfunding via Go Fund Me to pay for specialist care for Ahmad, who has survived against all the odds and doctors' expectations.

Forough, from Lewisham, said: "People really don't understand the consequences of stabbing someone. 

"They just know that this person has probably died, but if a person lives through this, then death would almost be a mercy. 

"The pain that he has gone through and the suffering that he endures is beyond words -  it is beyond these medical terms.

"Doctors told us to say our goodbyes, but he's still here - he's not giving up. 

"He's a soldier and he's lived through all of this which is already a miracle!

"I want to share Ahmad's story. I want people to hear more about him and what an amazing guy he is rather than talking about the boy who stabbed him.

"Ahmad never had any problems with anyone, he wasn't ever violent or aggressive. 

"Nobody hated him or even disliked him. 

"He kept a distance from people he didn't see eye to eye with - he never had conflicts or problems with anyone at all.

"When the news of the stabbing came out, there was a storm of people who were so shocked that this could ever happen to him. 

"Nobody could ever have expected that Ahmad would be in this position because of how beautiful and loved he is."

Ahmad went to After Hours chicken shop on New Cross Road, London, with his twin brother and their girlfriends, on March 14, last year.

He was outside when Erorh - armed with a knife concealed in a plastic bag over his hand - confronted him and stabbed him twice in the chest.

His twin turned around to see Ahmad lying on the floor with a man hovering over him.

The brothers tried to chase the attacker away before Ahmad collapsed to the floor, pulling his jacket aside to reveal that he had been stabbed through the heart.

Forough said: "It all happened in a matter of seconds. 

"Not realising the severity of the situation, Ahmad got up and they tried to chase after him but Ahmad quickly collapsed due to his injury.

"Ahmad looked up at his twin brother with a blank expression on his face which had gone so pale. 

"He opened his coat with one hand and looked at his twin very calmly.

"He said 'I've been hit, it's too late. I'm going to die and I'm so scared, bro, I'm so scared.' 

"Those were his last words to his twin, and then his eyes rolled back into his head and he lost consciousness.

"His twin was screaming at him to stay alive - begging him not to die and telling him that it wasn't his day."

Desperate to get help, Ahmad's twin brother had bundled Ahmad into the back of his car and was driving him to the hospital when police spotted him driving erratically.

Pulling them over, officers quickly realised Ahmad was in serious need of medical attention and phoned for an ambulance.

Paramedics were forced to perform open heart surgery on the roadside, and Ahmad's friends, who were nearby, ran to his home to inform his family.

Erorh was arrested nearly two weeks later.

Ahmad - who spent his 21st birthday in a coma in hospital - had a second heart surgery but while he is breathing on his own, he's battled with hypoxia.

With doctors now saying that they believe Ahmad will die, his family want to raise money so he can be seen by brain specialists, or visit a centre for brain injury patients.

They hope that there is a small chance that he could regain consciousness, albeit with severe brain injuries, due to the fact his organs are still working.

Remembering her brother, beauty therapist and salon owner Forough said he loved to make his friends and family laugh.

"I could speak about Ahmad all day, any day, every day," she said.

"There's just so much to say about that boy. He is such a funny kid, everyone loves him, he's so popular. He's nice and so loved by literally everyone.

"He's really funny but he's not a very loud boy. He keeps to himself, he's quite quiet and shy, but he's also very manly and confident for such a small, young boy.

"Ahmad is very smart. He's very entrepreneurial, he's always got a business plan up his sleeve and he's very ambitious. 

''He always used to tell me that he'd be rich and famous by the time he hit 30, and that he was going to help his mum to live in a castle one day.

"I never doubted him because with the love and respect that he had for people, I always believed he'd go really far in life and so did our entire family.

"He was such a family boy and he loved his friends, he cherished them with all of his heart. 

"Hearing stories about Ahmad won't make you think that he's just a nice boy, they'll actually make you laugh your head off at how much of a comedian he was.

"Ahmad was very sociable with his friends but more chilling at home than going out - he was always watching films at home with his family and inviting his friends over.

"He turned his room into a cinema room, that's how often we were in there watching films! 

"His favourite film was Gladiator - he always said he connected to the character, he watched it like 12 times, it was so annoying!

"Ahmad was a very private guy, he loved his own surroundings and kept his friends very close to him. 

''He was a really good cook as well - always forcing food down our throats because he wanted to show off the food he'd made!

"He loved going to the gym, he wanted to become a personal trainer as well, so he didn't really indulge in an unhealthy lifestyle but would sometimes go to shisha cafes with a few friends on the weekends.

"Ahmad would look up to our parents' relationship and always yearned for that. 

''He always wanted someone he could really love - he was still a lad at the end of the day so he had fun too, but he also wanted to settle down, which was cute at his age.

"I know I'm his sister, and I'm always going to be his number one supporter, but other people also have just such a tremendous amount of love for that boy as well, which is so overwhelming and heartwarming to hear."

Erorh, of Courtney Road, Grays, was found guilty of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, in November.

He faced trial at Kingston Crown Court and was found not guilty of attempted murder. 

He is due to be sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court at 2pm today (8).

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