Inquest to hear of baby girl's final days after mother left her to party in London

Asiah Kudi
Asiah Kudi

An inquest is to be held into the death of a baby girl who was left alone by her mother for days while she went out partying.

Asiah Kudi, 20 months, was abandoned for six days by Verphy Kudi, who was celebrating her 18th birthday.

Data gathered by Sussex Police showed Kudi, now 20, had been at parties in London, Coventry and Solihull before returning to her home in Brighton.

Phone video clips of an event at Elephant and Castle in London where a DJ announced Kudi's birthday to the crowd were shown to the court when she was jailed for nine years for manslaughter in August last year.

Medical details of how Asiah Kudi died will be heard at the five-day inquest next year.

Medical and social workers as well as paediatricians and forensic investigators are expected to give evidence.

Kudi, who is believed to be at HMP Bronzefield and could be moved to another prison before the inquest, will not be present at the hearing.

A safeguarding review concluded there was nothing more authorities could have done to prevent the death. Direct social care was withdrawn from Asiah in September 2018.

The inquest will examine if there was any other help available for Kudi and Asiah.

The Argus: Verphy Kudi with her daughter Asiah
The Argus: Verphy Kudi with her daughter Asiah

Verphy Kudi with her daughter Asiah

A short hearing at the coroner’s court in Brighton heard Kudi's YMCA key worker was not present at the accommodation in Islingword Road between December 5 and 12, 2019, when the baby was abandoned.

Kudi's family listened to the hearing via video link.

Social care records run to 3,000 pages for Kudi and 2500 pages for her daughter.

Asiah’s father was 21 when Kudi became pregnant with her aged 15 and has been named as an interested person in the inquest. He would be able to question witnesses although his identity is not known.

The inquest will look at the circumstances that led to Asiah's death, including an overview of social care for her and her mother and an assessment of the input from children’s services and other agencies.

The coroner will also examine the provision of accommodation by the YMCA Downslink Group, interaction and nature of support while Kudi and her daughter were living at its  site in Brighton.

Acting senior coroner for Brighton and Hove Penelope Schofield ruled she will sit alone without a jury from June 12.