'It's Insane!' Beginning of Deadly McKinney Fire Captured by Klamath River Resident

A local from Siskiyou County, California, captured the onset of a deadly wildfire which killed at least two people and damaged several homes.

According to official fire reports, the McKinney fire began on Friday afternoon and grew quickly due to fire weather conditions.

The Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office said two people were found dead in a burning vehicle in the path of the fire on Sunday morning.

Footage captured by Tor Mason, a Klamath River resident, shows scenes on Walker Road on Friday evening, hours after the fire began. Mason told Storyful he was checking on friends who lived nearby and said they were all evacuated from the area.

“We are still not allowed to enter,” Mason said, when asked what the current scene looked like on Monday.

According to local reports, the fire damaged “several structures” in the small community.

By Monday morning, the McKinney fire spanned 55,493 acres (87 square miles) and was zero percent contained, according to Cal Fire. Credit: Tor Mason via Storyful

Video transcript

- Oh my God. I'm at Chris and Kathleen's house right now. And I don't think they know what's going on. I'm here, but nobody's here. Oh my God! I can feel the flames from here! They're right above them. It's insane! My God! Let's hope it stays up there.

Oh, I feel sorry for these guys. Come on, man. Chris and Kathleen, damn good people. Damn good people. Oh my God. Where's Chris? You guys gonna save our house?

- We're working on it. I got all the crews coming off of there, and they're going to come to work on this.

- All right.

- But probably not gonna be a good place to be.

- I hear you. I hear you. I tried to-- I tried to call you, Chris.

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