"I inseminated myself with donor sperm and hired a birthing partner so I could have a baby 'on my own terms''

Meet the mum who inseminated herself with a donor’s sperm, kept her pregnancy secret and hired a £2k birthing partner so she could have a baby 'on her own terms'.

Skylar, 28, decided to go it alone and have a baby via sperm donor in September 2021 because she didn't want to 'rely on someone else' or 'share' her child.

The single mum always said she wanted to have a baby at the age of 30, whether she had a partner or not, but at the age of 27 she decided she couldn't wait any longer.

She found a donor online who sent a sample of his semen in the post so she could inseminate herself.

Skylar decided she wanted a low-key pregnancy and only told her tightest knit circle, she barely left the house and went shopping at obscure times to ensure nobody saw her bump.

Instead of having to rely on somebody she knew, Skylar opted to pay £2k for a doula - a birthing coach - who was her rock throughout her pregnancy and helped her plan for her labour and guided her through her solo journey.

Skylar's waters broke three weeks early on 16th May 2022 and she spent three days in labour.

Her baby girl, Shy, arrived on 18th May 2022 at 7.52pm at Stony Brook University Hospital, Long Island, US, weighing 7lbs 5oz and Skylar says her tot has 'completed her'.