Inside Biden's Ukraine strategy: The challenges of year 2 for the US administration

This week, the US president made a whirlwind trip to Ukraine and Poland. Joe Biden wanted to reassure allies that his administration is aware of the threats and impacts created by the grinding Russian invasion of Ukraine. He began his trip with a surprise visit to Kyiv, a highly complex security operation. A day later, he delivered a message of hope and support in Warsaw. FRANCE 24's international affairs editor Angela Diffley gives us her analysis.

Also this week, the man who was once the face of Mexico's war on drugs was convicted by a US jury on all five counts of aiding the very smuggling he was tasked with cracking down on. Federal prosecutors in New York City said Genaro Garcia Luna accepted millions of dollars in bribes from the cartel once run by Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

And in the Brazilian city of Rio, after two pandemic-disrupted carnivals and a divisive presidential election in October, the world's biggest carnival is back at full-scale festivities, with millions of revellers pouring onto the streets.

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