Inside Line: Scoop on Fire Country, For All Mankind, Magnum, Morning Show, Chucky, Sullivan’s Crossing, Euphoria, a Disney Cancellation and More

Inside Line: Scoop on Fire Country, For All Mankind, Magnum, Morning Show, Chucky, Sullivan’s Crossing, Euphoria, a Disney Cancellation and More
Inside Line: Scoop on Fire Country, For All Mankind, Magnum, Morning Show, Chucky, Sullivan’s Crossing, Euphoria, a Disney Cancellation and More

What’s cooking with the Fire Country offshoots? Which show has Disney hit the brakes on? What secret will spill on Sullivan’s Crossing? Read on for answers to those questions and many more! (You can and should email brand-new Qs to

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I’ll take anything on Miggy if you have it. If not, anything else Magnum P.I.-related. –Zoe
In the episode after next, hearing romantic anecdotes from Rick and others gets Juliet gets wondering if she and Thomas maybe spend too much of their days together, so the partners make a point to tackle separate cases — and it leads to one of #Miggy’s sweetest(/sexiest?) scenes in a minute. Also in that episode, and very unrelated: action hero Jin?!

Any scoop on Fire Country? –Ed
We are hearing that one of the two spinoffs in the works at CBS will be sheriff-centered.

I am dying for scoop on the end of The Morning Show Season 3! Specifically, what will happen with TV’s newest/hottest pairing, Paul and Alex?! Happy endings never seem to happen on TMS, but I am praying Paulex” somehow can get one! –Steph
Well, you’re 100% going to want to watch all the way to the end of Wednesday’s Season 3 finale, in which Paul and Alex reach a surprising new place in their relationship.

Any indication that Our Flag Means Death will be renewed for a third season? It is my favorite show on Max. –Ron
It’s literally too soon to say. As HBO/Max boss Casey Bloys explained at last week’s press event, decisions on streaming series are informed by “how a show performs over a longer period of time than three weeks or something” (as is the case with linear programs). So at this time, not two weeks after OFMD‘s Season 2 finale dropped, “We’re trying to figure out, does it make sense [to renew it]?” he said. “I don’t really have an answer at this point.”

Any update on the long ago-announced Practical Magic/Rules of Magic TV show? –Michelle
Long ago, indeed! Yet even though that pilot order was handed down more than four years ago, I am assured that Rules of Magic is still in development at Max.

After reading the article about Moonshine on, my wife and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, The CW stopped airing it after the first season concluded. Any chance of being able to see later seasons? –Tom
Alas, there are no updates at this time on The CW airing Season 2 (or 3).

Do you know the status of Disney Channel’s Saturdays series? Fans have been speculating that it’s over because the two main stars, Danielle Jalade and Daria Johns, unfollowed each other on social media. They’ve also been speculating it’s over due to low ratings. As a black woman, this show means a lot to me and it’s making me sad that Disney is staying silent on the status of the show. –Kaylin
I alas can confirm, Kaylin, that the coming-of-age comedy, which aired in the spring (and even had a crossover with Raven’s Home), will not be returning for Season 2. Sources tell me that Disney Branded Television, though high on the single-camera comedy, is now focusing on building out its multicam strategy, Disney-owned IP, and global tentpole programming.

What’s the status of The Sandlot original cast reunion series that was announced for Disney+ way back in 2019? Is it even still happening? –Evan
It looks like it barely stepped up to the plate; sources tell me the Sandlot series is no longer in development.

I am writing to try and find out if Season 4 of My Life Is Murder starring Lucy Lawless will be going ahead? –Dave
Season 4 has not (yet?) been greenlit, no.

Is there any word on how Euphoria will address Angus Cloud’s passing? –Bev
When I spoke 1-on-1 with HBO CEO Casey Bloys last week, he said that Euphoria creator Sam Levinson was “just getting back into writing” following the resolution of the WGA strike, so it was too soon to say how Fez’s absence will be explained. Cloud’s death on July 31, at age 25, “was a shock [to Sam] and hit him hard, so I think he’s still processing that,” Bloys said. “I’m sure he’ll figure it out, but we’re not pressuring him” for a decision.

I know that CBS will start airing the first season of the UK’s Ghosts soon. Max had three seasons and now they are gone. Any idea if Season 4 and the new Season 5 will be available anywhere? –T.B.
The first two seasons of “Ghosts UK” will begin unspooling Thursday, Nov. 16 on CBS, and also be available to stream on Paramount+. As for Seasons 3 and beyond, I am told they will not be streaming anywhere for the time being.

Any news on when Nickelodeon’s Danger Force will return? –Ivan
New episodes return Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2024, picking up where the midseason cliffhanger left off.

Any scoop on Maggie and Cal in upcoming episodes of Sullivan’s Crossing on The CW? –Adriana
I got your Q in front of EP Roma Roth, who teased back: “Maggie will be finding out what Cal’s real name is in Episode 8,” airing Wednesday, Nov. 22.

Has there been any word on the Good Doctor spin off starring Kennedy McMann? –Jeremy
Only that The Good Lawyer remains in contention to possibly land a series order at ABC.

Can I get some scoop on what we’re in for when For All Mankind returns Nov. 10? — Katie H.
Eight years have passed since the last season so you can expect a lot of professional changes for the characters — some of whom no longer work for NASA! Plus, “the Mars base itself has changed,” leading to shifting power dynamics between the nation states, Helios and astronauts and workers on the Red planet when it comes to who’s in charge, executive producer Ronald D. Moore previews. “The return of Danielle Poole to command the Mars base after having left NASA years ago, and dealing with Ed, is one power relationship,” Moore notes. “But also just the fact that there are civilians on the Mars base now that are not astronauts, and they’re just there to do a job,” and the sort of power and shifting relationship between them and the astronauts,” gives Season 4 a “sort of an upstairs-downstairs quality.”

Any spoilers on Chucky or Goosebumps? My wife and I are loving both this season. –Dave
Well, regarding the former, Tiffany may have figured out how to escape the confines of prison, but as Chucky creator Don Mancini tells TVLine, life will still be “tricky” for her. Going on the lam is one thing, but considering Tiff’s donning such a famous face, she’s really going to have her work cut out for her… unless she can figure out a Plan B. “The world thinks she’s Jennifer Tilly and Jennifer Tilly is on death row, so she’s a highly infamous fugitive. She’s going to have to deal with that.”

Any news on when SkyMed Season 2 will start airing on Paramount+? –Lisa
No date has been announced yet, though I am hearing it will be in early 2024.

Any word on whether or not Dark Shadows: Reincarnation is still going forward? Or was it axed because of the CW merger? –Karl
Oh, that got spiked a full three years ago.

I have read from British news sources that Mathew Aylward, played by Olly Rix, has been written out of Season 13 of Call the Midwife — much to the shock of his fellow cast members. Do you have any info as to what happened or why? –Valerie
Reps for the series are not commenting on that report from across the pond, but I am hearing that at the very least, Mathew as well as his new bride Trixie (played by Helen George) will both appear in Season 13.

Is NCIS: Sydney coming to the UK channel / RTÉ 🇮🇪 Ireland –Kieran
I can confirm that prior to debuting Stateside (on CBS) and in Canada (on Global) next Tuesday, Nov. 14, NCIS: Sydney will premiere on Paramount+ in the UK and Ireland this Friday, Nov. 10.

Since Pantheon‘s second season was released on Prime Video (in Australia and New Zealand), will it be released in America in the near future? – Jordan
I asked around with all likely Stateside homes for Season 2, and thus far it has landed nowhere. And there is a bit of skepticism that it ever will.

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