Inside Max Domi's blockbuster Instagram trade

While Max Domi was part of a deal that sent him from the Arizona Coyotes to the Montreal Canadiens this summer, it wasn’t the first time he was involved in a pretty crucial trade.

You see, the 23-year old winger from Winnipeg is an avid user of Instagram and found himself in need of a handle upgrade befitting of his social media chops. Upon seeing that ‘@Max’ was already in use (obviously), the former first-round pick decided to see what it might take to make it his.

“I reached out to the guy […], I just said hey man, like I’m sure you have lots of people asking for your handle, but what are the chances I can get it?” Domi told Yahoo Canada Sports at a recent BioSteel training camp in Toronto. “He responded ‘Max.done’ and I was like ‘ok, thanks, appreciate the response.’ Then I looked at it and it literally said ‘Max.done’ so he must’ve given it up.”

Max Domi was traded to the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk this summer.

Normally it would take a little more bargaining to get a deal like that done, but the three-year pro was able to walk away with the prized asset without giving up a dollar.

Just goes to show you that it doesn’t hurt to ask a question.

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