Inside Royal nanny's daily routine with Prince George, Charlotte, and Louis

Prince George being held up at a window of Buckingham Palace by his nanny  Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo to watch Trooping the Colour on June 13, 2015
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

Prince William and Kate Middleton, while being hands-on parents to their three children - Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, also rely on the assistance of their trusted nanny.

Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo has been a crucial part of the household since Prince George was merely eight months old. A decade later, she continues to play a significant role in raising the young royals away from the public eye.

Hailing from Spain, Maria is a graduate of Norland College, renowned for being the first institution to offer childcare training. The curriculum at Norland includes a wide range of subjects, from child brain development and first aid to evasive driving techniques.

Royal commentator Victoria Murphy once told ABC News: "The nannies are taught everything from defensive driving to security issues to how to care for a future king or queen," adding, "So [she] just really knows everything that you could possibly need to know about bringing up a child."

But what does a typical day look like for Maria? Now that all three Royal children are school-goers, her duties have shifted from changing diapers to managing the children's activities and homework schedules. However, her plate remains full, reports the Mirror.

Louenna Hood, who penned 'Your Baby's First Year' and is a fellow Norland College alumna like Maria, shared with HELLO!: "A Norland Nanny's role changes as their charge grows, although you don't become less busy!"

She detailed: "With children at school during the day you are required to organise school pick-ups and plan logistics of the different pick-up times due to after school sports and clubs. Organisation is key for making each child has a filling breakfast, fuelling them for a busy day at school. And remembering to send the children into school each day in the right uniform or sports kit."

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It's also essential for the nanny to ensure all clothes and shoes fit properly and are labelled correctly - Norland nannies even receive sewing classes. They are also tasked with planning nutritious and satisfying evening meals, sometimes coordinating with the school to guarantee variety.

At the heart of the role, a nanny must care for each child as an individual, which naturally shapes the daily routine. A nanny's duties include supporting children with their homework and making it as enjoyable and engaging as possible.

This could involve setting up homework stations outdoors, or creating an indoor den to prevent boredom, as suggested by Louenna.

Being available for the children as they mature is also vital. Car journeys offer an ideal opportunity for a listening ear, allowing the nanny to understand how the kids are doing at school or to discuss any concerns and worries they may have.

Lastly, Norland nannies play a crucial role in fostering independence in their charges and instructing them on the importance of being responsible for their actions.

"It can be as simple as making their bed in the morning or learning to make scrambled eggs for breakfast," Louenna stated. "We become their teachers and it's more important that we teach these skills than just do the tasks ourselves. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy in a little one's face when they've achieved a task that they couldn't once do."

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