Inside secrets of Gogglebox stars' homes from who really owns them to what they're worth

Pete and Sophie have been on the show since 2017
-Credit: (Image: The Sun)

Since launching on our screens in 2013, Gogglebox has become one of the nation's favouritse shows. The ever changing cast have provided us with lots of laughs from their living rooms over the last decade and the latest series was no exception.

But with a break now until September, many people are probably wonder what the Goggleboxers do in their day-to-day life away filming for the show. Whether that's Jenny and Lee in their caravan or the Malone family and theitr precious pooches, all of the telly watchers each have a life of their own.

While we wait for the new series, OK Magazine have decided to take a look into some of the current cast's lives and see exactly what they get up to beyond the screens.

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Dave and Shirley

The Welsh duo are firm favourites on the long-standing series thanks to their brilliant sense of humour. Outside the programme, Dave and Shirley update their fans on their joint social media pages with holiday snaps, pictures of their pet dogs and the occasional throwback.

Gogglebox's Dave and Shirley -Credit:Dave and Shirley/Instagram
Gogglebox's Dave and Shirley -Credit:Dave and Shirley/Instagram

Pete and Sophie

Sibling duo Pete and Sophie Sandiford have become familiar faces to viewers at home - as has the living room that they sit back and watch TV in. Despite filming together, the pair no longer live together as Pete moved out live with his young family. However, the house they film in was initially Pete’s before Sophie moved in. “It was my house originally. I had it for years and then I split with the girl I was seeing and thought: 'I don't really want to live here any more,” he told Heat. “Soph bought the house off me and I moved out, and now me and Paige have our own house.” The average house price in Blackpool is around £190,000.

Pete and Sophie have been on the show since 2017
-Credit:The Sun

Ellie and Izzi

While sisters Ellie and Izzi film together they don’t actually live together. The pair film in Ellie's living room which she has given quite the makeover in recent years. The sisters from Leeds joined the show in 2015 and have been favourites ever since. While we don't get much detail of their houses, Ellie's home is thought to be worth around £250,000 and is a 1930s property.

Sue and Steve

Husband and wife pairing Sue and Steve live in South London where the average house price is £717,430 according to MyLondon. The pair’s luxe living room is ultra stylish and features lots of white, grey and black decor.

Jenny and Lee

For years many viewers presumed that BFFs Jenny and Lee lived together - however that’s not the case. The caravan they film in is Lee’s home, while Jenny lives at home with husband Ray.

Jenny and Lee on Gogglebox
Jenny and Lee on Gogglebox

Giles and Mary

pair hve lived in thir Wiltshire cottage for over 30 years and it appears it's certainly not without it's quirks. During an interview with The Telegraph, the couple candidly shared that their home lacks central heating, with peeling paint on the ceilings, and they even had to resort to DIY double glazing using bubble wrap. Their The home was valued at around £400,000 in 2021.

Giles and Mary
Jenny and Lee on Gogglebox -Credit:Channel 4

The Sidiqquis

The family, made up of Sid and his sons Umar and Baasit and Raza, shocked fans a couple of years ago when they switched up their filming arrangement, making it unclear whether they’d moved spots or simply given the space a makeover. Sid's home is valued at around £220,000.

The Malones

While we never see too much of the Malone family home due to their huge adorable dogs taking up much of the space, their homely Manchester property always has some delicious looking snacks on the table. The average price of a five bedroom house comes in at £375,000 in the area, according to MyLondon.

Amira and Amani

The London home the sisters film in belongs to their parents and is located in north London, where homes can cost upwards of £700,000.

Amira and Amani
Giles and Mary -Credit:screengrab Channel 4