This Vietnamese Cave Is So Big It Has Its Own Climate, Beach And Jungle

The campers set up inside the cave on the beach (Caters)

These are the incredible images of one of the world’s largest caves - so big it has its own beach, river and jungle.

The Hang En cave in Vietnam is 130m high, and 150m across, making it as tall as the London Eye and as wide as one-and-a-half football pitches.

The photos were snapped by German photographer Lars Krux, 48, who visited with his wife Justyna and a group of tourists - who pitched tents on the caves beach before exploring its depths.

It’s the third largest in the world and even has its own climate.

Lars said: ‘It was amazing privilege to photograph and sleep in such an exclusive environment.’

The group reached the limestone cave, close to the border of Laos, on foot after a 10km trek through the thick jungle of Phong Nha-Kẻ Bàng national park.

They then had to wade waist-deep through ice-cold water to gain access to the cave.

He added: ‘The only way to reach the cave is to walk 10 kilometers through the jungle, uphill and downhill.

‘You need to cross several rivers with a water level up to 1.5 meters and you’ll be attacked by dozens of leeches who are attaching themselves to your skin. This is certainly not to everybody’s taste.’

The campers set up inside the cave on the beach (Caters)
Looking out of the cave by the beach (Caters)