'Inspirational' York girl to use Miss Yorkshire to raise awareness of illness

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Jennifer Carless wants to use the Miss Yorkshire platform to raise awareness of Fowlers Syndrome. Left picture: David Linford
Jennifer Carless wants to use the Miss Yorkshire platform to raise awareness of Fowlers Syndrome. Left picture: David Linford

A MISS Yorkshire finalist, described by her family as "strong, beautiful and inspirational", is aiming to use the platform to raise awareness of an illness she was diagnosed with this year.

Jennifer Carless, from York, is the reigning Miss England WASUP Queen and the present Miss North Yorkshire Charity Queen - but now hopes to take the title of Miss Yorkshire this Saturday (August 6) in Doncaster.

Earlier this year, Jennifer, 18, was diagnosed with Fowler's Syndrome - an extreme debilitating condition, which has left her with the complete inability to pass urine, being a medical emergency and she now has a permanent indwelling catheter in place.

Two surgical procedures have been unsuccessful and she now awaiting spinal surgery that could take up to three years on the NHS. To have the surgery private, it will cost in excess of £20,000.

Jennifer's mum, Sandra, said: "It has been an incredibly tough year for Jen, constantly in daily pain and regularly in and out of hospital, but she refuses to let it phase her and has taken to spread awareness of women’s illnesses and speaking out of her own condition.

"As a family we are so immensely proud of Jen, she is an incredible young lady and despite her own health issues she is determined not to let these stop her achieving her dreams.

"She is incredibly strong, clever, beautiful, very humble, extremely inspirational and never fails to see the good in others."

Jennifer is looking to use her platform as a Miss Yorkshire finalist to spread awareness of Fowler's Syndrome and help to fund much-needed research on the incurable condition.

Jennifer has recently been nominated for International Woman of the Year, has won a global science award and has been invited to the House of Lords later in the year, promoting STEM careers and environmental studies.

She has been part of the Commonwealth partnership as Chief International WASUP Ambassador at the opening ceremony of the games - and earlier in the year she took part in a humanitarian trip to hospitals in Pakistan having received the Gatrad Travel Bursary. An aspiring surgeon herself, Jennifer was able to observe their work, alongside giving presentations to students at universities.

Jennifer has also started holding talk groups on social media to help other women with health issues, called 'Women, let’s talk' and is receiving lots of lovely messages from ladies from around the world.

Sandra added: "Jen’s motivation and dedication to make a difference and help others, despite her own life trials, is incredible.

"We have watched her grow into the most wonderful young lady, she has big dreams to make a difference."

Her family have also launched a JustGiving page to help fundraise for the £20,000 surgery. To make a donation, visit: https://bit.ly/3oOTE8A

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