Inspiring West Lothian woman opens up on feeling 'unwanted' while growing up

A Miss GB Edinburgh contestant has said that she hopes to inspire people to "not let anything hold you back" after she grew up in social care.

Chloe Crawford, 21, says she felt "unwanted" while growing up due to her mum having her at a young age. She moved in with her grandparents and said that it "set her apart" from her school friends.

The 21-year-old said that she would often be questioned on her living situation and never felt truly understood. Although her grandparents have always been there for her, she struggled with her confidence due to the constant feeling of not feeling wanted.

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Speaking to Edinburgh Live, she said: "When I was younger I grew up with my grandparents because my mum had me really young.

"I was with social work and they put me to live with my grandparents. This really set me apart when I was in school and a lot of people would ask why I lived with them and said it was strange because it wasn’t really a normal thing to do.

"So because of that, as I have grown older, it’s all about doing the best for me and not being like my mum in a way.

"I feel lucky that I had someone there to take me in. Even though I had my grandparents who wanted me, I still had that feeling like I wasn't truly wanted and I couldn't do anything about it. When you feel like that, you don't feel confident in yourself and I really struggled."

Chloe added that all of her past experiences have inspired her to do the best for herself. She hopes that by competing in Miss GB Edinburgh, she will motivate others to believe in themselves and not let hurdles set them back.

On June 29, she will be taking on a gruelling challenge of climbing 14 Munros in four days to raise money for Cancer research and Alex’s Wish.

She said: "Through my journey, I have had different opportunities. I ended up being the manager of a fitness store called Pride in Edinburgh when I was 18 and it was quite a big step in my life

"I just want people to believe in themselves and stress the fact that no hurdles should stop you whether that’s things that you have gone through in life or people that you think you should look up to.

"I am so proud of myself and how far I have come with my confidence.

"I wanted to challenge myself to do something a bit different to raise money and as I am really into fitness, I have climbed a couple Munros in the past but I really wanted to challenge myself at something different.

"We decided that we were going to climb 14 Munros in four days - something to mentally challenge me."

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A statement on Chloe's fundraiser reads: "Me and my Partner Euan will be climbing 14 of the Cairngorm Munros in four days on the 29th June 2024 to raise money for Cancer Research. We are doing this to raise awareness for Leukaemia any support and donations are appreciated.

"I am also one of the Miss Great Britain Edinburgh Finalist. I am please to say The Miss Great Britain Organisation have raised over £160,000 for Cancer Research UK since 2015. Not only this, the finalists over the years have shared vital awareness on different cancer types and been advocates for screening and campaigning for change.

"Together we are funding life saving research and helping women and men across the UK be even more cancer aware. We thank you for your vital support in our mission to keep families together for longer."

You can donate to Chloe's fundraiser here.