Instagram foodie behind 'Hippie Lane' launches cookbook

Samantha J. Gross
Taline Gabrielian, Hippie Lane

If toast could glimmer, cupcakes could dance and frothy smoothies could float in mid-air, Hippie Lane's Taline Gabrielian would be the magician behind the trick.

This Australian Instagrammer has entranced her 489k followers with her fantasy-inspired foods that appear too beautiful to touch, let alone eat. The ethereal pictures look more like illustrations.

Last year, fans went wild for the star-shaped foods Gabrielian used to adorn her dishes. The stars fit in to the "galaxy" trend, she told the Standard.

"This year we’ll be seeing lots of mythical-themed food - unusual flavour combinations with colour themes that are an escape from reality."

The Instagrammer has now released a recipe book for fashion-conscious foodies to whip up their own other-wordly creations at home.

"My feeling is, that with the bombardment of beautiful photos on our screens everyday, people are seeking more than the ordinary", Gabrielian told the Standard. "Viewers want to fantasise about the taste and experience of eating unobtainable foods or foods that can't easily be replicated. And they love the element of surprise."

Gabrielian's book is full of plant-based recipes, including crunchy cacao and macadamia clusters for breakfast, roasted cinnamon pumpkin soup for lunch and stuffed peppers for dinner. The book also includes inspiration for sweet treats and snack foods for which Gabrielian's Instagram is known.

Keen to make your own magic in the kitchen? You can buy Gabrielian's book on Amazon or download the Hippie Lane healthy recipe app.

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