Instagram Story questions: Is this the new way to slide into someone's DMs?

Amelia Heathman

Instagram has been going full throttle on updating Stories recently, adding gifs, polls and music to the format in recent months.

The latest addition is Instagram poll questions. A new interactive sticker, like the poll sticker and emoji slider, it lets your friends submit questions for you to answer.

Instagram is positioning the new feature as a fun way for people to start conversations with your friends.

How to ask questions on Instagram Story

  1. Select the question sticker for the sticker tray after taking a photo or video
  2. Type out your question then place it anywhere in the story and share it
  3. When friends see the sticker, they can tap it to reply – and they can reply as many times as they want right from the sticker.
  4. Alternatively, you can use it as an “ask me anything” tool, allowing your friends and followers to ask your questions.
  5. To see how people responded, you can swipe up on the post to look at the viewers.
  6. You can tap a friend’s reply to share it in a new Story – though the identity and photo of the friend will remain hidden, only the answer will be shown.

The new feature is available to use on Instagram now.

What the new Instagram Stories Question feature looks like (Luke Abrahams)

This new Instagram questions feature is definitely going to be taken advantage of

We’re calling it now: Instagram Story questions is the new way to slide into someone’s DMs.

By posting a question or asking your followers to ask you questions, it is opening up another method of communication on Instagram, one that will probably be soon full of aubergine and peach emojis.

Though this may lead to fewer messages in your Direct inbox, you might want to be careful in how you approach sending messages this way.

Due to the fact your response can be openly shared in another Stories post, you might want to keep the lewd chat to a minimum, or face seeing your response posted in another Story.

It’s interesting that Instagram has incorporated these new features. For background, last year Instagram’s parent company Facebook bought a new teen social network named tbh (to be honest), which was focused on US teens polling one another and asking questions.

Facebook snapped up the app pretty sharpish after it had over 2.5 million daily users in a small space of time, despite being only available in a few US states.

And whilst Facebook shut down tbh last week over ‘low usage’ it looks like the features of the app, such as asking friends polls and questions, will live on in Instagram.