Instant Karma Gets Man After He Vandalizes Louisiana Art Gallery

Security cameras recorded a man vandalizing the front of an art gallery in Shreveport, Louisiana, on September 11 – and his near-instant karmic retribution.

Edward Nader owns Nader’s Gallery, an art gallery in Shreveport, and was disturbed to find out that someone had knocked over some of the planters outside his establishment.

“We work very hard to keep our area beautiful,” Nader noted in his original Facebook post where he shared the footage.

This video shows the man entering the frame as he is pulling one of the planters behind him, and then returning to knock over another planter, which Nader said were quite expensive.

The man then proceeds to run away, but trips over a ledge and hits his face on a railing.

Nader posted photos of the destroyed planters to his Facebook page, along with the CCTV footage, asking for the community’s help in identifying whoever is featured in the video, referring to the incident as “instant karma!” Credit: Edward Nader via Storyful

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