Instant Pudding Adds A Creamy Twist To Your French Toast

French toast with berries
French toast with berries - DronG/Shutterstock

At its essence French toast is scrumptious, still we will never stop trying to upgrade it with sweet, creamy ingredients. Whether topping it off with whipped cream or adding a splash of buttermilk before putting it on the stove, the breakfast favorite just tastes better with a luscious addition. For the ultimate creamy French toast, we'll even use instant pudding mix.

Instant pudding isn't just a tasty dessert on its own, it's also a great addition or stand-in for other desserts. The pudding mix is known to elevate other treats, acting as a secret weapon for easy tiramisu and giving cake batter new depths of flavor. In each dessert, instant pudding mix infuses the treat with its own distinct flavor while giving it a rich, creamy finish. When added to French toast, it has the same delicious effect.

Instant pudding mix is activated by milk, which is handily found in French toast batter. Add the pudding mix, an egg, cinnamon, and milk to a bowl and whisk together before dipping your bread. Fry up the toast in butter until golden brown and serve. With sweet flavors like vanilla, strawberry, or even pistachio, the pudding-based French toast is good enough to eat on its own. However, you can enhance it with a berry compote, maple syrup, or simply some whipped cream.

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Use Flavored Instant Pudding Flavors For The Ultimate French Toast

French toast with berries
French toast with berries - Tatiana Bralnina/Shutterstock

With a delectable pack of instant pudding mix, turning one dessert into another is incredibly easy. If you have a batch of panettone, turn the Italian treat into panettone French toast. Since it is already punctuated with vanilla and citrus flavors, using orange and vanilla instant pudding mix for the French toast is a no-brainer. Elevate the bread's light, buttery flavor by whisking the pudding mix into milk, along with cinnamon and almond extract.

Balance coconut macadamia French toast's tropical vibes with a bit of chocolate instant pudding. The rich pudding grounds the nutty flavors, giving your breakfast a more robust taste. Finish off the meal with shavings of coconut to uplift the deep flavor of the chocolate. For something a little lighter, opt for white chocolate pudding mix instead. Luxurious with a hint of vanilla, the flavor is the perfect pairing for the macadamia nuts.

White chocolate is also a great pudding mix flavor for enhancing French toast waffles. Perfectly sweet without being too overwhelming, it elevates your waffles and complements the maple syrup's caramelized vanilla taste. Sprinkle white chocolate pudding mix into the dipping batter or opt for cheesecake instant pudding for a richer, tangier flavor.

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