Insulate Britain climate protester storms off GMB after clash with Richard Madeley

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Watch: Insulate Britain protester walks off GMB after shouting at Richard Madeley

Insulate Britain member Liam Norton stormed off theGood Morning Britain set this morning (22 September) after clashing with hosts Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley over activists blocking the M25.

The interview started off awkwardly when Reid told the campaigner to stop patronising her.

“You’re an intelligent journalist,” Norton had said to Reid. “And you haven’t understood what I said last week about what we do in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity.”

To which Reid responded: “Liam, try not to be so patronising when you’re talking to me.”

Madeley then pointed out that blocking the motorways puts people’s lives at risk, referring to the mother who was left partially paralysed from a stroke as her son was stuck in traffic for six hours while trying to get her to hospital.

“You’re not accepting the responsibility of your actions,” he said. “If you say something stupid, I’ll cut you off. The way you’re putting your argument is fatal, it has fatal consequences.”

Norton then launched into a lengthy speech, saying: “We’ve been writing letters for 30 years. We’ve been writing petitions for 30 years. We’ve been pleading with our government for 30 years and what we’re saying to the government is this: This is our line in the sand. We are demanding the government makes a meaningful statement to save the future of this country and if they refuse to do it then they can put us in prison.”

He shouted: “I’ve had enough of talking to people in this country about what we’re doing. This is the state of things.” Norton then stormed off the show as Madeley yelled: “Bye!”

Earlier this month, Madeley came under fire after calling Norton a “fascist” on GMB.

On Tuesday morning (21 September), police made 23 arrests and dragged Insulate Britain protesters from the M25 after members of the group stormed onto the motorway.

The climate activists moved into lanes of traffic, forcing cars to come to a stop.

It was the fifth time the group, which is calling on the government to help insulate homes to reduce emissions, has blocked the M25 since last week.

Watch: Driver launches passionate rant at M25 protesters causing delays for fourth time

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