Intense brawl sees man cling to outside of jeepney and punch passenger in the Philippines

A passerby in Manila managed to capture the moment a man clung to the outside of a jeepney and repeatedly struck passengers through the windows.

Filmed on November 17, Ice Lee Almocera was in the passenger seat in a car behind the incident and managed to record the brawl that involved several people.

Almocera told Newsflare: "I saw a man hopped in a jeepney. A few seconds later, three other men followed him. Two of them went inside to beat him up while the third one hanged on to the side of the vehicle and did everything you see on the video."

The filmer also tweeted about the video: "Just so everybody knows, some dude was trying to get away from three other guys by hopping in the jeep. They eventually caught up and beat him as you can see in the vid.

"The other passengers tried to leave, but only some were able to. The driver had stopped the vehicle a few secs after I recorded this.

"They weren’t trying to mug him. I feel like what they did to the person inside was kinda personal."