Intense standoff between angry elephant and mother rhino

The video shows an intense and rarely seen altercation between a very angry elephant and a mother rhino with her baby. When going on safari in Africa, the big five animals are always the most wanted to see animals on the list. The big five includes lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino. Majority of the time these animals do not interact with each other unless it is predator versus prey. Due to their size, elephants tend to be aggressive and dominant towards most animals coming in their way, whether it is predators or other herbivores, it doesn’t matter. There are times on safari that you will come across something that is hardly ever seen. Like an altercation between an angry elephant and a mother rhino with her calf. The mother rhino and her baby were near a watering hole when the elephant approached for a drink. Elephants do not like sharing a water source with any other animals. When the elephant discovered the mother rhino with her calf near the water, it became very angry and started becoming very intimidating. The rhino didn’t hold back and went for the elephant with her horn, connecting with the elephant’s tusk. The rhino’s retaliation infuriated the attacking elephant, making it more aggressive and angrier. That’s when the interaction exploded into a cloud of dust, accompanied by scary and intimidating noises. For some reason the people on the vehicle witnessing the spectacle decided it was a good idea to bang on the side of the vehicle to chase off the attacking elephant. Emotions most likely got hold of everyone as rhino’s are extremely endangered and an elephant can easily kill a rhino. All the loud noises and banging eventually got the elephant to run away, leaving the mother rhino and her calf in peace.