Intensive care doctor says every Covid patient currently in his hospital’s ICU is unvaccinated

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Intensive care doctor says every Covid patient currently in his hospital’s ICU is unvaccinated

An intensive care doctor has revealed that every single coronavirus patient in his hospital’s critical care unit is unvaccinated.

Dr David Hepburn said there were no vaccinated Covid patients in critical care at Grange University Hospital in Cwmbran, South Wales, as of Tuesday.

The £350million Specialist Critical Care Centre, with 24 ICU beds, opened four months early in November 2020 to tackle soaring coronavirus cases at the time.

Dr Hepburn said the only people in the hospital’s ICU are those who have decided not get jabbed.

He told the Mail Online: “’All the Covid patients on ITU are unvaccinated at present and we’ve had several deaths this week.

‘None of them had significant comorbidities and were people you would usually expect to live another 30-plus years.”

The experienced medic said that while the unit had fewer Covid cases than in previous months, the hospital as a whole was experiencing pressures.

He urged all those who had not yet got a jab to do so, saying: “Even if your risk is low of getting seriously unwell, vaccination makes a huge difference to those around you who are awaiting treatment for other conditions.

‘We all need to do what we can to help our neighbours and friends — this is reason enough in my opinion”.

However, he added that everyone should be “sympathetic” to the reasons why some are vaccine hesitant.

His comments came as nearly 20,000 Covid patients were recorded as being in hospital in the latest available data published Tuesday.

This is up 21% week-on-week, and is the highest number since February 16, 2021.

This is also just over half the 39,254 patients recorded on January 18, 2021 - at the peak of the second wave.

However, the number of Covid patients in hospital has fallen in recent days in some parts of the country, including London.

The latest data also reveals that 62.3% of the population age 12 or over have received a booster or third dose.

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