Interceptor: Netflix viewers stunned by shock A-list cameo

Netflix viewers have reacted in shock to an A-list celebrity cameo in the new thriller Interceptor.

The film, which has shot to the top of the streaming service’s most-watched charts despite low review scores and negative reactions from viewers, was released on Netflix last week.

Interceptor follows an army captain (played by Elsa Pataky) who tries to avert a missile attack on the US.

Also starring in the film are Luke Bracey, Colin Friels and Rhys Muldoon.

However, Interceptor also features a scene-stealing cameo from a markedly more well-known screen presence: Avengers star Chris Hemsworth.

A bearded Hemsworth appears in an uncredited role as an electronic shop clerk named Jed.

There’s a pretty likely explanation for his agreeing to take on the role: Hemsworth and Pataky, the film’s lead, are married.

'Interceptor' is available to stream now on Netflix (Brook Rushton/Netflix)
'Interceptor' is available to stream now on Netflix (Brook Rushton/Netflix)

Viewers nonetheless were shocked by the cameo, sharing their reactions on social media.

“I’m watching the new awful Netflix movie Interceptor and noticed this guy around the 40-minute mark. Is this Chris Hemsworth, or am I going crazy?” one person asked.

“Last night I watched Interceptor which was hilariously bad, but it was extremely cute seeing Chris Hemsworth‘s cameo cheering on his wife,” another wrote.

“Y’all. The @chrishemsworth cameo in #Interceptor. I can’t,” someone else wrote, while another viewer said: “Chris Hemsworth’s cameo in Interceptor was the best part.”

Hemsworth also features in the forthcoming Netflix film Spiderhead.

Interceptor is available to stream on Netflix now.