Interior design trends for 2017

Rachel Ogden
Leaf print jug, £12.99; leaf print glasses, £3.99 each; leaf print tea-towel, £4.99, all H&M Home: H&M Home

One thing is clear from the trends that will dominate 2017: after a turbulent year, we could all do with a fresh start.

That’s precisely what the latest interior design looks have in spades — a feeling of striking out in a new direction and overlooking timeworn staples, with an overwhelming preference for immersive colour, bold statement pieces and irresistible tactile texture.

The best news is that each of these trends can be achieved on almost any budget. There’s a good selection of products in all price brackets, allowing you to mix and match to curate a personalised scheme that’s overflowing with style.

Depending on how far you’re happy to step out of your comfort zone, there’s also a certain amount of crossover — combine deep greens or navy blue with brass for lashings of luxury or use 2017’s hottest metal as the highlight of a lagom-inspired room. Push your design boundaries and you’ll be richly rewarded with a home that’s chic, inspiring and can be easily updated throughout the year.


Morrocan raffia tea set, £95, Raj Tent Club

Having fallen out of favour a few years ago, Moroccan owes its renaissance to the current vogue for all things geometric as well as a desire for bold colour and pattern. Designed to transport you to a sun-soaked spot or the heady, fragrant atmosphere of a souk in an instant, perhaps the most attractive element of this trend is that it’s hard to go overboard — layers only add to an authentic vibe.

There’s no excuse not to fill your home with bazaar-style bargains — candle lanterns, hand-knotted rugs, filigree-framed mirrors and tufted cushions in rich jewel shades, with even a hint of retro Seventies-esque raffia.


Viva Vase, £99, BoConcept

It’s hard to tell if Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery, sparked the trend or caught the zeitgeist, but green is definitely in and almost any shade will do. While Greenery is more of a fresh yellow-green, deep, verdant tones are easier to incorporate at home, so channel sophisticated malachite, ivy and emerald shades in materials that are equally as rich and plush.

As a colour for a fresh start and reconnecting with nature, green can’t be beaten, symbolising growth, rejuvenation and vibrancy. However, it’s wise to style it with a long-term view, tempering with bronze, linen and earthy tones.


Candle, £11.99, Zara Home

Billed as the new hygge, lagom (pronounced lar-gom) is Scandi but stripped back. While hygge was all about cosying up under a mountain of blankets, lagom is the trend that will tempt you out of hibernation. Ultimately, it’s about balance, moderation and wellbeing, so draws on natural materials, craft and textures that make us feel good, such as weaving, macramé, smoked glass, cork, bamboo and terracotta, twinned with simple styling.

Don’t confuse it with austerity, rather appreciate the luxurious touches by limiting them to “less is more”. “Lagom is about keeping life simple and achieving more,” explains Nina Kullberg, founder and creative director at “To achieve this, edit your colour palette to include just a few key colours, pare back your accessories and add some indoor plants. They offer an element of sustainability that is perfectly aligned with the lagom outlook.”

Tropical jungle

Tropical tablecloth, £17.99, H&M Home

Less Club Tropicana more exotic eclecticism, this trend unites lush vegetation, subtle animal prints and colour-saturated blooms that evoke the lazy days of summer regardless of the time of year. Palm leaves are a key motif alongside inside-outside rattan, ferns and tropical floral and fauna patterns galore.

It’s a trend that lends itself well to the real thing, too, so include clusters of succulents and oversized Monstera. “Drawing influences from the natural colours and patterns in the jungle, the tropical trend is set to be a key spring/summer 2017 story,” says Ruth Wassermann, head of design at “Take your influence from the bright greens and blues seen in tropical plants and rivers, and overlapping textures from layers of leaves and branches.”


A by Amara Limonium lantern, from £50, Amara

While copper’s going nowhere yet, brass is hot on its heels, imbued with an industrial aesthetic and warmth that works just as well for contemporary interiors as it does more classic schemes. As well as the obvious places, such as lighting and hardware, brass has been coming through on statement pieces of furniture — tables, sideboards, dressers and mirrors — as well as accents and accessories, including terrariums, tealight holders and vases.

It partly owes this surge in popularity to a desire for refined luxury and an on-off love affair with Art Deco. Brushed, polished, burnished or with a patina, brass has claimed 2017 as its own, so get ready to see it everywhere.

Navy blue

Amy Sia Santorini wall art, £119, M&S

So much has proclaimed to be the new black in recent years but deep, inky blue is the best candidate so far. Richer, elegant and the perfect foil for metallics, timber and almost any other colour you choose to pair it with, its best trick is to look sophisticated while being welcoming at the same time. “Navy has been creeping back into the interior consciousness for the past couple of years,” reveals Susie Rumbold, president of the British Institute of Interior Design.

“Originally it appeared only as an accent colour, often used with acid yellow and teal, but it’s started to become a main-event neutral. Other colours spring to life against a navy backdrop. Dark colours have always been used in this way (think of all those Old Master paintings hanging on claret walls in the National Gallery) but navy suddenly feels modern, edgy and fresh.”

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