International Women's Day 2017: watch 100 years of female achievement in just 70 seconds

Liz Connor

Women have achieved a lot in the past century.

In recent memory, Hillary Clinton became the first female candidate to be nominated for president by a major US party, the first woman to run around the world completed her journey and female pole vaulting was recognised as an official Olympic event.

But plenty of other lesser-known female feats have taken place over the past 100 years.

What about Edith Ronne, who became the first woman to explore Antarctica in 1947?

Or Katharine Graham, who in 1972 became the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company?

This video, put together by travel company Exodus, celebrates 100 years of female achievement in just 70 seconds, showcasing the landmark events that have gotten women to where they are today.

As today, March 8, marks International Women’s Day, what better time to spare one minute of your day to remember these incredible milestones?

Of course, it all starts with the right to vote in 1918...

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