Internet Inventor Colin Furze Creates The Ultimate Morning Alarm: The Ejector Bed

Did you have trouble getting up this morning? Then perhaps you should try the ejector bed.

The latest creation from internet inventing whizz Colin Furze could spell the death of the snooze button.

His high voltage ejector bed quite literally throws you into your day by springing you into action.

The bed, equipped with flashing blue lights and large ringing bells, is also fitted with pistons that tilt it on its side (and tip its occupant out) when its wake-up time.

In a video to demonstrate the bed’s capabilities, Furze even uses it to slide into a pair of shorts so he is dressed and ready for the day to come.

This is merely the latest of the former plumber from Lincolnshire’s crazy inventions; he has also made retractable Wolverine claws and the world’s fastest pram.

Furze, who hosts Gadget Geeks on Sky 1, made the ejector bed in his garage using a domestic compressor to power the pistons that propel the sleeper into the air.

The bed is similar to one of the inventions seen in the house of Wallace and Gromit. Furze’s creation was endorsed by local coffee company Taylors of Harrogate.