Intimate Photos Of Kate Winslet’s Husband Ned Rocknroll Banned In UK Detailed In US

Personal details of photographs involving Kate Winslet’s “semi-naked” husband have been revealed in the US after they were banned in the UK.

Ned Rocknroll, 37, below with Winslet, obtained an injunction over the snaps taken at a wild party, calling them “innocent but embarrassing”.

But a US publication ignored the legal order by releasing a full description of them for the first time, saying: “There is nothing innocent looking about these photos.”


The same outlet has already revealed details of gags involving a celeb who had a threesome and a top actor who romped with ex-prostitute Helen Wood.

A source told The Sun: “They are not bound by British law and are having a field day. There will be a number of celebrities deeply concerned they could be next. Kate and Ned are furious.”

The photos of a “semi-naked” Rocknroll, below at the Divergent film premiere in 2014, were taken at an “outrageous” fancy dress party in 2009, were posted on Facebook by his pal James Pope.


The Sun received them in 2012 after Rocknroll, real name Edward Abel Smith, married Titanic actress Kate, 40.

In a High Court judgment Mr Justice Briggs described the pictures as “innocent but embarrassing” and said the party’s theme was “outrageous”.

The couple said after the two-day hearing in January 2013: “We recognise that in the Internet age privacy is harder and harder to maintain. But we will continue to do what we can.”

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