Investigator offers help and says he can uncover if Jay Slater disappearance has third-party link

Search teams out over the mountains around Masca looking for the teenager
-Credit: (Image: James Manning/PA Wire)

TV investigator and author Mark Williams-Thomas has offered to help the distressed mother of missing teenager Jay Slater, saying he could determine if a 'third party' was involved in his disappearance.

Williams-Thomas revealed that he had contacted Jay's mother, Debbie Duncan, to assist her in finding answers about what happened to her son.

Jay, 19, has been missing since Monday (June 17), with the last known contact being a phone call to his friend Lucy Mae where he expressed that he was lost in a rural area and his phone battery was down to one percent. His phone was later traced to an open area approximately half a mile north of Masca village.

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Emergency services, including the Civil Guard, mountain rescue teams, and fire crews, are persisting in their search across a 30-kilometre area in the Rural de Teno park, a terrain characterised by steep mountains and dangerous ravines.

Search and rescue team members previously explained the difficulties posed by the vast landscape, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Williams-Thomas said that he has requested 'total access' and 'feet on the ground' to swiftly ascertain whether Jay's disappearance was a solitary incident or if it involved other parties.

Search and rescue workers near to the village of Masca
Search and rescue workers near to the village of Masca -Credit:PA

"I have this morning reached out to missing Jay Slater's mum offering the help of my team to get her answers as to what has happened to Jay," he said. "Lots of speculation about what could have happened and if they give me total access and with feet on the ground I will very quickly be able to say if his disappearance is him alone or if it has third party involvement."

In the wake of Jay's disappearance, social media has been rife with theories about what happened to him. His mother, Debbie, has even been tormented by distasteful trolls drawing comparisons between her and Karen Matthews, who orchestrated a nefarious plot where her own daughter was kidnapped for ransom.

Search dogs and fire crews resumed their search efforts on Sunday, June 23, marking the seventh day of their continued efforts.