How Invincible's Season 2 Premiere Leaned Into The Multiverse Trend In The Best Way Yet

 Invincible smiling.
Invincible smiling.

Warning! The following contains SPOILERS for the Invincible Season 2 premiere, "A Lesson For Your Next Life." Read at your own risk!

Invincible is finally back on Prime Video, and as was noted in the quick things we know about Season 2, the multiverse will work its way into this season. Thankfully, it's taking a different spin on many of the multiverse stories out there currently, and after watching the premiere, I think it may be the best take yet.

The show's main version of Omni-Man was nowhere to be found in the Invincible premiere, though viewers will see plenty of him in his blood-filled debut in Mortal Kombat 1. We did, however, learn about this season's new villain and the wild state of the multiverse that could mess with Mark Grayson more than his father did in Season 1.

Invincible Introduced A New Character Capable Of Visiting Different Universes

Angstrom Levy made his debut in Invincible, and he has the power to access different universes. With the help of the Mauler Twins, he managed to construct a device with the intention of combining all the consciousnesses of his many selves across different universes in a way that he could combine their knowledge to solve humanity's problems. As often happens in superhero shows, the experiment went terribly wrong when Invincible intervened. This resulted in a devastating explosion that destroyed the device, most of Levy and the Mauler Twins' other selves, and left the main Levy worse for wear with a massive mind. He'll be one to watch this season, especially with his already skewed viewpoint of this world's Mark Grayson.

Invincible Revealed A Startling Fact About The Multiverse At Large

Angstrom Levy is leery of Invincible, and with good reason. As he revealed to the Mauler twins, in a vast majority of universes, the hero ultimately sided with his father, Omni-Man, and allowed the Viltrumites to colonize Earth. Omni-Man was already an unstoppable force, but paired with Mark, the Earth stood zero chance of defeating them.

It's similar to Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, in that Miles Morales changed his path by becoming Spider-Man, which some fans think the first film foreshadowed that plot twist. I can't say the same for Invincible, so it'd be interesting to see how Mark was swayed in the other worlds.

If Levy wanted to defeat Invincible, he could just pull a more brutal Mark from the multiverse to take him down. Hell, he could even pull two or three. It would probably be a bad idea, but given Levy's state at the end of the premiere, I don't think his mind is as stable as it was prior to the accident.

How Will This Big Reveal Impact Season 2?

Invincible's premiere already featured a lot of Mark feeling the need to prove he wasn't his father. Should he discover the knowledge that he is exactly like his dad in a bulk of other universes, how will that impact the hero? Furthermore, how will it impact others like The Immortal, who doesn't trust Invincible thanks to the brutal Season 1 premiere twist in which Omni-Man murdered many of his fellow heroes? I don't know, but I'll admit I'm going to be glued to my Prime subscription in the next month, waiting to find out more answers.

Invincible officially premieres new episodes on Fridays, though the Season 2 premiere popped up a day early on Thursday evening. It's possible that the trend will continue as November marches on, and then there will be a break between new episodes in 2024. That said, based on Robert Kirkman's comments in the past, long delays for Invincible are often worthwhile.