iPad Mini - what we can expect

Ryan Leston
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iPad Mini - what we can expect
An invitation sent out by Apple to an event on October 23 seems to hint at a smaller version of its hit tablet.

For the last few months the internet has been ablaze with rumours and speculation as to what the iPad Mini might be like. Will it be like an iPad but smaller? Probably. But what new features is it likely to include? How much will it cost? Most importantly, will it be available in both black and white? Here's our run-down of the latest rumours surrounding Apple's latest gadget.

The iPad Mini will look like… well… an iPad

I know what you're thinking - no surprise there. But there has been lots of speculation as to what the iPad Mini will look like. In fact, Gizmodo recently reported a number of leaked images from a reliable source, showing exactly what this new tablet looks like. If these are the real deal, well… there's not really much to say. Yes, it looks like an iPad. Yes, it's a bit smaller. But there doesn't seem to be much change (other than using the new lightning connector like the iPhone 5).

The iPad Mini might not have a Retina Display

In fact, it probably won't. At this stage, it's assumed that the added cost and battery consumption just wouldn't be a viable option for a smaller tablet. The Wall Street Journal reports that the iPad mini will have a "lower resolution" than the most recent full-sized iPad… but is this just speculation? The release of the Kindle Fire HD (with its 216PPI screen) might just have made Apple think twice. At the very least, it gives consumers something to think about when it comes to buying that new tablet.

The iPad Mini will use iOS 6

Again, this is no big surprise. After pumping millions of dollars into the production of its latest OS, it's unlikely that Apple is going to introduce something new for the iPad Mini. But most importantly, the expected screen-size and aspect ratio of the iPad Mini will allow iOS 6 to simply scale-down. This is great news for app-developers and consumers alike, meaning that their favourite iPad apps should, in theory, scale-down too.

The iPad Mini will run off Apple's A5 processor

The recent announcement of the new iPod Touch saw significant developments made to the A5 processor - the iPod Touch now sporting a modified, shrunk-down version of Apple's popular iPad chips. Having sunk so much into the development of these chips for the iPad 2 and iPod Touch, it seems obvious that these new, reduced-fat A5s would be perfect for the iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini will cost around £200

At least, that's what prices will supposedly start from. German website, MobileGeeks has posted a screenshot from an inventory system used in Europe and Asia which shows the iPad Mini price in Euros. It seems the 8GB model will start at €249 (around £200) with the 64GB Wi-Fi and 3G/4G model at a staggering €649 (around £522).

The iPad Mini will be announced on 23rd October

According to numerous sources including TechCrunch and BBC News, Apple is planning to unveil the iPad Mini at a press event on the 23rd October. Invitations sent to various press agencies read "We've got a little more to show you" clearly hinting towards the iPad Mini. But when will it be available in stores? Recent Apple product releases suggest a release of up to two weeks after the announcement - meaning the iPad Mini could be in shops by November.

Of course, we won't know any of this for sure until the official release next week - a date which is bound to be marked on the calendar of Apple fans across the globe. But what will the release of the iPad Mini do the tablet market on the whole? For now, we'll have to wait and see.

What do you think of the new iPad Mini? Will you be rushing out to buy one?

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