iPods, microwaves and smoke detectors: The top 25 most-loved gadgets ever revealed

The iPhone is officially the greatest gadget of the last EIGHTY years, according to a nationwide study.

Researchers polled Britons of all generations and asked them to vote the inventions (big and small) that they could not have lived without.

The iPhone, with 56% of votes, proved to be the most popular with both the young and old.

In second place was the microwave (53%) and in third, the colour TV (52%).

The research of 2,000 Britons was conducted by Currys PC World to mark 80 years since Charles Kalms opened the first ever Dixons store in Southend on Sea, Essex in October 1937.

Technology historian Seren Evans Charrington who was involved in the research, said: ‘As technology is constantly developing to benefit our daily lifestyle, it’s interesting to look back over the years and see how products have evolved and what has stuck around through the decades.

’80 years ago, cameras were items you would buy specifically to capture your memories, then you’d have to wait weeks for your local chemist to develop the film 20 years later and this was revolutionised by Polaroid cameras.

‘No fast forward to today and the majority of us simply get out our phone to take a quick snap.’

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