Irina Shayk 'is free to see anybody she likes'

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk "aren’t in a committed relationship".

The 37-year-old model has recently been spotted on holiday in Italy with her ex-partner Bradley Cooper, and although they were romantically linked to each other earlier this year, Tom accepts that Irina is "free to see anybody she likes".

A source told Us Weekly: "Tom has no idea if Irina is still seeing Bradley, but it’s really none of his business.

"Tom and Irina aren’t in a committed relationship, so she’s free to see anybody she likes."

Irina and Bradley have a six-year-old daughter together called Lea, and the former couple are determined to do whatever they can to make their daughter happy.

A source recently told PEOPLE: "The Italy trip with her daughter is fun for everyone. Lea wants them all to travel together. And Irina and Bradley are friendly and get along. They both want to make Lea happy."

Irina and Bradley were together from 2015 until 2019, and they've managed to maintain a healthy relationship since their break-up.

The model previously opened up about their co-parenting dynamic in an essay for Harper's Bazaar, revealing that they'd been teaching their daughter about kindness.

The brunette beauty wrote in the essay: "We're teaching our daughter that the most important thing is to be kind to people. Every time we send her to school, we're like, 'Just remember kindness and love'.

"So I think that's what true beauty is. It's not about putting on masks, putting on make-up, brushing your hair, putting on nice clothes."

Irina also confessed to being scared of the potential influence of social media.

However, she's determined to instil good "values" in her daughter.

The model-turned-actress explained: "With TikTok and Instagram and social media, my daughter is growing up in a different environment than I grew up in, so sometimes it kind of scares me. But most important is teaching our daughter bigger values than being pretty on the outside."