Iris Prize launches exciting new LGBTQ+ film podcast

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Podcast stock image. Joe

International LGBTQ+ film festival and competition Iris Prize is launching a new podcast about all things queer cinema.

Due to be released tomorrow, June 1, the Iris podcast is all about catching up with filmmakers to discuss topics like authentic casting, representation on screen, the portrayal of queer youth and the dramatisation of true LGBTQ+ stories.

The first episode will take a closer look at one of the age-old questions in the film industry: Should queer roles be played by queer characters? Together with Darius Shu, Karl Eccleston, Brian Fairbairn and others, the host Damian Kerlin will explore this highly debated issue.

Kerlin, a Cardiff-based writer, broadcaster and content creator, is no stranger to podcasts. Having been featured as part of the award-winning Anthems Pride, he wrote and recorded a script inspired by the word ‘Family’, from an LGBTQ+ perspective.


Iris Prize Poster
Iris Prize Poster

His last project was the docu-series podcast Memories From The Dancefloor, which was released in February this year and quickly became Acast’s third most listened to new podcast for that month, with over 16,000 downloads.


The Iris Prize is a UK-based film and media organisation aiming to broaden the audience for LGBTQ+ stories. Aside from the new podcast, Iris’s main project is an annual LGBTQ+ film festival. Based in Cardiff, it is one of the biggest celebrations of queer film in the UK. They also host a UK-wide film touring programme, support the making of new queer short films and run education and outreach projects. 

The podcast was recorded during the Iris Prize Storytelling Workshop Series, which placed the focus on understanding more about the way storytelling works in film. The episodes of the new podcast will explore the topics of the different workshops more in-depth. 

From tomorrow on, you can listen to the podcast here. And if you want to know more about the work of Iris Prize you can check out the official website

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