An Irish pub trolled a bunch of hopeful U2 fans

Nicola Byrne

Rumours began circulating in Boston on Monday that U2 were in town for an extra special secret show at a local bar called The Burren.

Hey, it could have happened. The band are currently in the city doing four nights in the TD Garden arena.

The band also played a surprise gig in the Somerville Theatre in the city back in 2009, so it wasn’t completely out of the question when rumours surfaced that they would be playing in the Irish pub last night.

Twitter account Secret Boston spread the rumour on their social media accounts, and it all went mad from there.

Loads of U2 fans showed up to the pub, JUST IN CASE


Clearing things up, the band took to Twitter to confirm that they wouldn’t be showing up

And just before midnight :(

Let down, again.

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