Irishman Posts From Bomb Shelter in Lviv as Air Raid Siren Sounds

An Irish national posted video from a bomb shelter in Lviv, Ukraine, on May 3, as strikes and explosions were reported in the area.

Joby Redmond told Storyful that, though he is a costume designer by trade, he went to Ukraine to help refugees get flights to Ireland.

In his video from inside a bomb shelter, Redmond describes the scene during an air raid. “Nobody panics, nobody runs, nobody’s grabbed and escorted out …. It’s just part of life in Lviv.”

The head of the Lviv Regional Administration, Maksym Kozytsky, said on May 3 that three electrical substations were damaged in strikes. Local media reported power outages in Lviv city, citing the mayor. Credit: Joby Redmond via Storyful

Video transcript


JOBY REDMOND: So just an update-- I'm fine. That's the alarm to say everything's over. So yeah, they hit near the train station, and they hit the airport. So everything's OK. I'm-- I'm OK. But, um--


we're allowed out of the-- the shelter now. And so, yeah, that's-- this is Lviv, and this is what Ukrainians are going through every day. This is on the Western side, so I can only imagine what's going on over near the West. Um, scary stuff. But this is why I'm here, by the way-- to help people get the hell away from this.

So anyway, I'm OK. So just to let you know about it. I'll talk to youse all soon. Bye-bye.