Iron Maiden plan tour playing Senjutsu in full for 'diehard' fans

Iron Maiden plan to play Senjutsu in full for 'diehard fans' credit:Bang Showbiz
Iron Maiden plan to play Senjutsu in full for 'diehard fans' credit:Bang Showbiz

Iron Maiden are planning to perform 'Senjutsu' in full for the "diehard fans".

Frontman Bruce Dickinson has confirmed talks of the 2021 LP being played in its entirety live are true, and they will plot an intimate tour doing just that at a later date.

Speaking to Fozzy's Chris Jericho on his 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast, he said: “The plan we've got — it's not really a secret; I think everybody else has chatted about it — we will, I hope, we've talked about doing the entire album start to finish, but not this time around.

"And we all appreciate that that is something that really diehard fans will probably love and other people will go, ‘Hmmm, I'm not gonna go see that.’

"So the answer is you play smaller venues so that they sell out with just your diehard fans. 'Cause it's a musical thing to do — it's a musical thing.”

The 'Run to the Hills' star had recently hinted at the idea.

He said in November: “Every song is Maiden at the top of our game. Every song could be a live favourite. We haven’t played a Maiden album from start to finish since [2006’s] 'A Matter Of Life And Death', but this album is so good that it could warrant being played in its entirety. Obviously, we haven’t finished the 'Legacy [Of The Beast]' tour yet, but the thought of taking this album on the road is exciting to all of us.”

Meanwhile, the 63-year-old rocker is also planning to finish work on his new solo album after his North American spoken-word tour wraps.

The heavy metal legend explained how he already has several demos to tinker with for his follow-up to 2006's 'Tyranny Of Souls', but he might need to "write a few more tunes" for his seventh studio effort once he's done with his 'An Evening With Bruce Dickinson' shows in March.