Is 'milking' the stupidest ever internet photo craze?

Chris Parsons
Yahoo! News UK
Pointless: A male student in Newcastle demonstrates the basics of 'milking' (Caters)

In an age where 'planking', 'owling' and even 'horsemanning' have become online photo crazes, it seems web pranksters will do almost anything in search of an internet hit.

At least that's the only explanation for 'milking', the latest and possibly most pointless photo craze, where participants pour entire cartons of the white stuff over their own heads.

The craze is thought to have started in Newcastle, where students film each other pouring pints of milk over their heads in public places.

From shopping precincts to the middle of roundabouts, and even after popping out of wheelie bin, it seems nowhere in the north-east is safe from the creamy craze.

In a short video posted online, the group of male students are filmed emptying two-litre bottles of semi skimmed over their heads to the accompaniment of House Of Pain's 1992 hip hop hit 'Jump Around'.

The two-and-a-half minute clip has already attracted almost 30,000 views on the internet.

Tom Morris, 22, who was behind the video said: "We were just in our kitchen talking about doing it outside Starbucks in Jesmond and thought it would be really funny.

"We did that, uploaded the video to Facebook and got a load of likes.

"So then we thought ‘why not just make a video’?"

Tom said he had already had students from across the UK contacting him wanting to give 'milking' a go.
There is also said to be a similar 'milking' video featuring students from Oxford University.

The group of boys, a mixture of students and graduates, started filming around Newcastle on Monday and the video has become an instant hit.

They drench themselves outside local Newcastle student landmarks including the Tesco Metro on Acorn Road, Jesmond, at the Exhibition Park roundabout next to Newcastle University, outside pubs and restaurant's on Osborne Road, and on the Collingwood Street 'Diamond Strip'.

Reaction to the pranksters has been mixed, with some praising the effort but others accusing the students of wasting money.

Liberal Democrat cllr Gregg Stone tweeted: "Not sure Jesmond students are helping their public image with #milking stunt."

'Milking' follows the likes of 'planking', where participants lie across an object, which was one of the first ever internet photo crazes.

Other progressively more stupid crazes followed, including 'cat breading', which involved putting pieces of bread around the head of a feline.