Is Apple About To Unveil A Tiny ‘Smart Ring’?

Mota Smart Ring
Mota Smart Ring

Apple could be planning to bring out a gadget even smaller than Apple Watch - a tiny ‘smart ring’.

The company recently patented an ‘iRing’ which could take photographs, send messages and tell the time.

It’s not alone in moving into the sector - another company, Mota, is already making a connected ring (pictured) which was unveiled at CES Asia last year.

The Apple patent describes a device where users dictate text messages to a microphone before sending, and which has a tiny touchscreen controlled by a thumb.

There is even a small camera - as well as biometric sensors which can capture the wearer’s heart rate.

The patent says, ‘ ‘The use of touch-sensitive surfaces as input devices for computers and other devices has increased significantly in recent years.

‘A user controls an external electronic device with a finger ring-mounted touchscreen that includes a computer processor, wireless transceiver, and rechargeable power source.

‘The ring is worn on a first finger and receives an input from a second finger.’

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