Is Danny Dyer A ‘Sex Addict’?

Another day, another rumour about Danny Dyer’s EastEnders hiatus.

The Sun has reported today that friends of the star are concerned that he might have a sex addiction – and that’s the real reason he’s quit the show temporarily.

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Speaking to the paper, a supposed friend of the star said: “A number of people close to Danny, including members of his family, close friends and people here, realised he was on the wrong track sexually.

“Obviously he has battled issues with drink and drugs – but they don’t want him to be heading down a path towards sex addiction.

“There has been incident after incident involving other women and it’s impacting his life and could cause damage to his career in the future if he doesn’t sort it out.

Who needs enemies when you got friends like these, eh?

Danny left the show for ‘personal reasons’ two weeks ago. An EastEnders spokesperson said at the time that ‘Danny is on a short break from EastEnders. - this was not enforced by bosses, nor has he quit the show’ and gave no indication as to what his personal reasons were.

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However, earlier this week it emerged that Danny had been sexting random fans that he’d met on Twitter – and it’s thought that this led to his leaving the show.

“At the end of the day, when it’s come to the point where you are sexting random fans over the internet something has to change.

“He’s got a wife and a daughter and so much potential to be a great man, so he’s something he agreed to try and sort out.

“There’s been a huge amount of secrecy around his extended break from EastEnders – but the bosses were a big part of the reason why he’s realised he needed to get away from everything.”