Is Elon Musk’s Ultra-Fast ‘Hyperloop’ Transport System Coming To Europe?


The world’s first full-scale version of tech billionaire Elon Musk’s Hyperloop transport system could be built in Europe, according to a new report.

One of the companies developing the ultra-fast transport pods has unveiled plans for a route between Sweden and Finland.

A pre-feasibility study carried out for Hyperloop One by accounting brand KPMG and nordic firm FS Links Ab says that the futuristic transport system could travel the 310 miles (500km) between capital cities Helsinki and Stockholm in just 28 minutes.

The journey currently takes around an hour by plane, or around 17 hours on a ferry.


The proposed route between Stockholm and Helsinki (Hyperloop One)

First unveiled by the SpaceX and Tesla CEO in 2012, Hyperloop involves passenger and cargo pods travelling on a cushion of air through vacuum tubes at speeds up to 700mph.

After unveiling the initial concept, Musk encouraged other companies to develop the technology and Hyperloop One has since emerged as one of the front runners.

The proposed Sweden to Finland route would cost as estimated €19 billion (£16bn), with a full test pencilled in for December 2016.

Should the company hit the somewhat optimistic testing goal, it then plans to reach speeds of 1000kmph (621mph) by early 2017.

Hyperloop One recently signed a deal with Russia to develop one of the fururisitc transport systems between Moscow and St Petersberg.

Image credit: Hyperloop One

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